The Madman / Spoken Word Poetry / Unstoppable Mindset

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The Madman / Spoken Word Poetry / Unstoppable Mindset

We are all aware that thoughts come and go throughout the day. Some thoughts are perceived as good and some as bad, but a thought is just a thought. It’s our ownership and belief of a thought that gives it far greater power. A single thought believed in, can lead into a trail of negative thought which can manifest negative emotions and feelings within the body. Once this happens, an altered state will occur. The chemistry within the body can quite literally change and once it does, it’s very hard to control what is happening to you. Once the serum of negativity spreads through your veins, the thought process can spiral out of control. The individual experiencing this spiral will then fixate on thought after thought and lose minutes, hours, days and even years of their life, through all consuming negativity.

Without any understanding of this process, it is only so long before anxiety and depression become a way of life. For many, this way of life becomes too suffocating, restrictive and debilitating. They lose themselves in a black cloud of despair, with a desperate option presenting itself out of hopelessness – suicide.

I believe that the one common bond we share in this current sad situation within our society, is the thought process inside the head. The circumstances which are the causative factors behind depression, anxiety, negative emotion and suicide can vary from person to person, but what does not vary is the thought process. It is the same for us all. It is out of control, erratic, unreliable and mad, which is why I am calling the thought process ‘The Madman’




27th July 2019


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