Brooks Studios | Wedding Videos

We were the regional finalist’s for the Best Wedding Videographer in London and the South East and the Best newcomer to the Wedding industry, for the Wedding Industry Awards 2017 & 2018.

Based in Burnham, Berkshire, UK we are specialists in professional video production.

We realise that high quality professional video productions can be expensive so we utilise the latest video techniques and approaches to meet every budget. Crews carry a full range of professional equipment including HD / 4K video cameras, DSLR cameras, portable lighting kits, shotgun microphones, glidecams and electronic stabilisation devices.

We are ready to shoot your special event, when you are!

Unlike many of the standard event videographers found in the industry who just point and shoot, our goal is to create a dynamic movie that bridges together the vivid interplay of emotions to be shared amongst your family and friends in an intimate fusion of imagery, sound and movement.
To us a wedding is such a special day because it is not only the culmination of months or years of planning but is the beginning of a new chapter in a couple’s life.

The chemistry and love between the bride and groom in any wedding party appear inexhaustible. Family and friends are witnesses to this, and the energy together reaches the very core. Ranging from the exciting speech by the Best Man to the heartful moments when the father hands over his daughter to the groom. Amazingly, there are swashbuckling moments during every wedding event that you wouldn’t want to end. The incomparable and loving looks of the bride and groom while performing their first public dance together, makes virtually everyone want to get married. These moments are not ordinary and should be captured and preserved for family and friends to enjoy in years to come.

I film many wonderful weddings and I am deeply grateful to those whose stories I have told on film, and those that I am yet to tell.